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The yo-yo origanly originated from Greece. No one actualy knows if one single person invented it, and if so the name of the person is not known. It evolved into a popular toy known for its relaxing effect. In the modern history of the yo-yo the yo-yo reached the Phillipines a couple of hundred years ago, probably brought by the Spanish. The Filipinos saw the yo-yo had a potentional as a weapon with blades on it. A little after that and the yo-yo became known as a sport. The word yo-yo means 'come back' in Filipino. The yo-yo was not known to many other places around the world till the early 20th century. Some British manufactures sold a toy called the 'Bandalore', it was very similiar to the yo-yo. First yo-yo actually named the 'yo-yo' was sold by Pedro Flores, and immigrant from the Phillipines. His company was named Flores' Yo-Yo Comapny. These Yo-Yo's were an instant hit in America. In the 1920's Flores' Yo-Yo Company was bought out by Duncan, who after that copyrighted the name 'Yo-Yo'. The company has been making yo-yo's ever since, and inspired many other companies to start making yo-yo's. Yo-yo's have come a long way- from wood to aluminum.