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Lunar Loops/ Loop the Loop/ Inside Loops

First you throw a forward pass. When the yoyo comes back at you flick your wrist and loop the yoyo back out. Loop the yoyo clockwise and on the leftside of your arm. When it comes around again catch the yoyo or try for another loop. Every loop loosens the string a half turn.

Astro Loops/ Outside Loops

These loops are just like Inside Loops, but instead of looping it on the left of your arm you loop the yoyo on the right side of your arm. Every loop tightens the string half a turn.

Breakaway Loops

Close to outside loops, the difference between outside loops and breakaway loops is that Breakaway Loops are across the body. You throw a Breakaway andwhen they yoyo comes back to your hand you don't catch the yoyo, you just loop it back like in Lunar Loops. When the yoyo comes back again you can either catch it or try again.

Planet Hop/ Hop the Fence

This trick is easier to do with a tighter string. Throw a throwdown and when the yoyo comes up flick your wrist so the yoyo goes between your hand and body and back down.

Over the Falls

Throw a Forward pass. When the yoyo comes back at your hand flick your wrist and send the yoyo strait down. Then catch it whenit comes back up.

Around the World

Throw the yoyo forward and swing your arm in a 306 degree arc so that he yoyo swings fully around. Make sure the yoyo sleeps the whole time, and when the yoyo is in front of you just tug it back to your hand or try for another loop.